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Mastering Padel Tennis: A Comprehensive Guide to Padel Tennis Rules and Gameplay in Dubai

Padel tennis, a sport that blends the excitement of tennis and the strategic nuances of squash, has been steadily gaining popularity among sports enthusiasts in Dubai. With its unique playing style and sociable atmosphere, it’s no wonder that people across the city are eager to learn how to play padel tennis. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the fundamental padel tennis rules, offering valuable insights for those looking to embark on their padel tennis journey in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Understanding Padel Tennis Rules

Padel tennis is played on a rectangular court divided by a net, much like its traditional tennis counterpart. However, the distinct features of padel tennis rules set it apart and contribute to its exciting gameplay:

Court Dimensions

A padel tennis court measures 20 meters in length and 10 meters in width. The court is enclosed by walls made of glass or mesh, which players use to ricochet the ball.

Scoring System

The scoring system in padel tennis follows a similar pattern to tennis. The game is divided into sets, and each set is played for six games. To win a set, a team must lead by a margin of two games. The scoring terms are “15,” “30,” and “40,” with “40” being equivalent to winning a point. If the game reaches a tie at 40-40, it’s called “deuce.” A team must then win two consecutive points to secure the game.


The serve in padel tennis must be performed underhand, with the ball hitting the ground before striking it. The serve must cross the net diagonally and land within the opposing team’s service box.

Walls Are In Play

Unlike traditional tennis, the walls surrounding the court are considered in play in padel tennis. Players can use them to return the ball, creating unique angles and strategies.

Double Bounce Rule:

One of the most distinctive padel tennis rules is the double bounce rule. After the serve, the ball must bounce once on the receiving team’s side and then once on the serving team’s side before players can volley. This rule encourages longer rallies and adds an extra layer of strategy.

Let Rule

If the serve hits the net and lands within the correct service box, it’s considered a “let” and can be reserved without penalty.

No-Volley Zone

A 7-meter area from the net, known as the “no-volley zone” or “kitchen,” restricts players from hitting volleys. This rule ensures a balance between aggressive play and maintaining a fair distance from the net.


Common faults include failing to serve the ball into the diagonal service box, stepping into the no-volley zone while volleying, or hitting the ball out of bounds.

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Getting Started in Dubai

For those eager to delve into the world of padel tennis in Dubai, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the rules while embracing the city’s unique sports culture:

  • Take Lessons: Many sports clubs and facilities across Dubai offer padel tennis lessons for beginners. These lessons provide a structured approach to learning the game, helping you grasp the rules while honing your skills.
  • Equipment: To play padel tennis, you’ll need a padel racket and balls specifically designed for the game. Most clubs provide rental equipment, making starting without a significant investment easy.
  • Play Socially: Dubai’s padel tennis community is vibrant and inclusive. Engage in social games and friendly matches to improve your skills, learn from experienced players, and enjoy the sociable aspect of the sport.

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As padel tennis continues to captivate Dubai’s sports enthusiasts, understanding the padel tennis rules is essential for a fulfilling experience on the court. By immersing yourself in the unique blend of tennis and squash, embracing the distinctive features of the game, and soaking up Dubai’s sports culture, you’ll be well on your way to mastering padel tennis. So grab your racket, head to the nearest court, and embark on an exciting journey of skill, strategy, and camaraderie in the world of padel tennis.







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