About Us

Welcome to Padel Tennis in Dubai! We are a team of padel tennis enthusiasts who want to make it easy to find and compare padel courts across Dubai.

Our website was founded in 2023 by Saad Ur Rehman, who discovered a lack of consolidated online information about the numerous Padel tennis locations across the city. As avid Padel players, we created Padel Courts Dubai to serve as a helpful resource for both experienced and aspiring Padel players in the region.

At Padel Courts Dubai, we aim to provide the most comprehensive listing of Padel tennis courts and clubs in Dubai. We research and visit padel venues across the emirate to bring useful details like court types, pricing, schedules, locations, etc. Our goal is to make it fast and simple for players to find and book courts at their preferred padel tennis destinations.

We are continuously expanding and verifying our database of Padel tennis courts. We also welcome user reviews and ratings to help players get authentic opinions on the places they are considering. As the padel scene grows in the UAE, Padel Courts Dubai aims to grow along with it and remain the go-to platform for up-to-date padel information in Dubai.

Our small team works tirelessly to maintain Dubai’s most reliable and in-depth padel tennis directory. We regularly update details, add new venues, and remove closed courts. We focus on providing a user-friendly portal for padel lovers to find courts and partners across Dubai quickly.

Thank you for visiting Padel Courts Dubai. We hope you find our website helpful in discovering new padel tennis venues and connecting with fellow players in Dubai! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or suggestions, or would like to provide feedback. We wish you the best of luck on the courts!